Monday, August 20, 2012

comfort food for thought

what will be will be. i'm not a bible thumper but i know God has plans more divine than the free will He gives us. happiness abounds either way at the end of the day because i have favor.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

when the wheels go...

... the axle breaks. lemme grab this steering wheel right quick and brace for impact.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

what in the damn hell was i thinkin'

i got the "bright" idea to maybe change my master program to electrical engineering... that was until i read the prereqs for an introductory course as "A working knowledge of Fourier transforms, linear systems, and probability theory. " after throwing up in my mouth a little bit, i gathered my scattered and disheveled sense(s) and smashed that light bulb into about a bazillion pieces.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

so clearly...'s been a minute since i've posted anything. so sue me! i've been a little busy learning how to tweet, navigating this facebook thing, and the like. but, i make a pledge, here and now, to at least make an effort to get back into the swing of blogging. 'cause lord knows the crazy thoughts and musings haven't stopped popping in my head.

that is all.

Monday, April 20, 2009

for the geeks...

this is totally cool. shoulda saved this for a weekly (assignment) post. but, alas... i already wrote mine for the week. pfft

Monday, March 30, 2009

designing my site

so, i'm building a website using iweb. it's kinda fun given i don't have to code a single piece of html if i don't want to. (the geek in me most likely will end up coding... but the thrill is in not HAVING to... psh). anyways, iweb makes it very easy for you to pull together a website and incorporate plenty of dynamic elements to give your site that 2.0 feel.

i mentioned in a previous post that i will be incorporating google maps into my site. i'm on the fence of whether or not i will add a blog solely dedicated to the site or not. there will definitely be a photo album with slide show capabilities. and, of course, a live count down. if i so choose, i can throw you tube clips on the site as well. but, i'm not so sure i want to incorporate videos just yet. maybe we can make a little movie about us instead of writing it out. that might work! (and i just came up with it as i write this post... brilliant!)

all of these elements are so easily integrated through the use of widgetry (my very own coined phrase... don't hate). each element is basically a "drag-n-drop" element packaged with all of the functionality inside. so, if i want to plop a google map on your web page, you drag the map widget onto your workspace. the widget attributes can be edited with your specific information. so, if i want the map to highlight a location, i simply type in the address and the widget displays the point of interest on the map.

now, i'm on a hunt for other widgets that i can drop into my pages. i'm wondering what rss feeds might be of interest to include on the page. maybe i can find a feed of events and entertainment for out of town guests to get the skinny on happenings. does anyone else no where i can grab some widgets of interest?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


i mean... for real... 2.0 in my tour of a hotel???

so, as we plan our wedding, we are touring venues, chatting about menus and talking linens. then, the sales woman says, "oh, and included in your package is a free website! we also host an online community of brides sharing experiences and planning tips." is there an industry that isn't subscribing to 2.0 fever? if there is, they need to get a clue! i just didn't expect to have to hear any 2.0 lingo on a non-monday evening is all.

first off... it's a sign of the times when event venues throw in, not only, the cake or the complimentary toast, but a website as well. sheesh.

second of all (and the point of the matter)... this particular venue is using the online communication of already hitched brides in hopes to capitalize on the collaboration and sharing that's taking place. talk about your groundswell! the sales woman made sure to stress the fact that these blog and forum participants are not paid to endorse the venue and she encouraged me to visit the online community for honest feedback of the hotel's services as well as the service and offerings of its competitors. oh she was good! she knew just how to tap into the sucker i am. (sidebar: sales folks can see me coming from a mile away. they could sell me one sock without many sales tricks).

on this site, you can find rantings and ravings from experienced (read: already married) brides about products, vendors, and ceremony do's and don'ts. you can find a few obscure questions in the community as well. this is one of my favorites. lol

anyone else out there have any planning experience or come across any other "wedding 2.0" technologies? i'm building our wedding website and will probably incorporate a blog and a mashup with the venue and google maps. it's been fun thus far. once the site is done, i'll share.